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What is SEO?

Let’s start off by conquering the main question here, what actually is SEO? By definition SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is the process of increasing the website traffic by increasing the visibility of the website. In simple terms, this means that SEO is a way of making your website appear closer to the top of google searches and increasing its relevance.

Now I’m sure everyone would love their website to be straight in the customers eyeline when they search for a specific business or service, but this doesn’t just happen with a click of a button. In order to achieve this, you must go through the motions and start applying certain techniques to your website. So, what are these techniques? The more you can add to your website the better! Blogs, videos, more information, etc. If all of the content, you are applying to your website is valid and helpful then this helps Google to prioritise your website in order to see your ranking improve.

How can SEO help your business?

Well, the bottom line is, if done right, using SEO improves your relevance and ranking, full stop! It may not work straight away as building up this sort of trust with Google will take time, but you will definitely see results. SEO increases your business’s rank without having to pay for every click to get your website up there.

Relevance and Authority

There are two key factors when managing SEO, these are relevance and authority. It is imperative that you get both of these things right to increase your ranking and start to see results.

  • Relevance – look back at your content and assess it. Is it useful? Is it helpful? Is the content itself relevant? Is it easy to read? Is the content your own? You need to check all of these as best as you can because Google will too, and if you don’t answer yes to all those questions, you have little to no chance of Google increasing your ranking.

Simply, make your website credible! Not only will this come across to Google and in turn increase your ranking, but it will also help you in the long run. People don’t want to read something they can’t understand or read all the way to the bottom and realise it wasn’t helpful, so increasing your credibility alone will help your website.

  • Authority – again, credibility is key! Does and can Google trust your website? Authority is more important than you may think because this authority depends where you rank. If google doesn’t trust your website, then you have zero chance of improving your rank as Google will only boost credible, relevant websites. So, make it be yours!

What does Nettl offer?

So, what can we do for you in terms of SEO? Here at Nettl of Neston we understand that it can be hard to get your head around or to know where to start, therefore, we strive to make your SEO journey as simple and transparent for you as possible.  

Firstly, we offer a free audit on your website, which means we take a look at your website and pick out what you could change or boost. We also offer a free consultation in which we would discuss anything we picked out and how best to go about improving it.

Rest assured, there aren’t a couple of us typing away at our computers from nine to five, only to add a few pretty colours to your website. There are over 50 experts, or as we like to call them here at Nettl, geeks, working away at our HQ in Manchester to ensure the technical side of everything is taken care of and carried out in the best way. This allows them to then evaluate how your site ranks up over time.

So, what are you waiting for? Pop in for a free consultation to start your journey of getting the most out of your website. Search Engine Optimization here we come!