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Social media is a fantastic way to boost online PR and get your studios and teams spoken about online. It is another route to reach new and existing clients and share your portfolio of work and services without having to push it in a direct way. It is often the first place people look when deciding where or with whom to do business, and is increasingly the platform clients want to use to communicate.

Having consistent social posting improves your perceived credibility. Visitors will see that you care about sharing your news, that you’re working on new ideas all the time, and you’re a real-life business. All that makes it more likely that they’ll reach out.

Gone are the days of counting likes (Instagram have literally been trialling hiding like counters this year). With the increase in prevalence of ‘like-bots’ and ‘bought likes’, it’s not about the number of likes you get anymore. It’s about how engaged you are with your audience, and they with you. To achieve this, you need engaging, valuable, sharable content. Here’s an enjoyable and insightful read all about “Fucking Good Content“.

Why is it a struggle?

Ever spent an hour trying to find the right filter, write the best caption, tag the relevant people? Most businesses have faced the black hole of the social media time warp. If you don’t know what to post and when, days can slip by and you eventually waste so much time trying to post that you give it up entirely. Making an illustration for one social post can feel fruitless, when time could be spent designing work for clients. Sporadic posting can result in a social page that posts 3 times in week one and nothing for the rest of the month. This lacks flow and visual consistency and presents you as less professional than you are.

We have put a framework together to help you get back on track and make social appear less daunting and time consuming, more engaging, consistent and visually appealing.

We’ve broken it into a list of Ingredients, a Recipe and a Method to make it more err… digestible. We’ve even included a list of things we are seriously allergic to and some serving suggestions for you.

Time to get planning your social media? We’ve structured ours as a list of ingredients, recipe & method to make it taste a little sweeter!

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